Aldi Dolci Filastrocche

Packaging for Christmas Panettone which sold out nationwide within 4 weeks.

Client: Aldi for Two By Two | Speciality:

Sold exclusively in Aldi, this Dolci Filastrocche Christmas product would normally have adopted Aldi’s festive themed graphics.

However, as part of a wider strategic review of merchandising Christmas to their customers, Aldi elected to use Two by Two designed graphics to test the idea of introducing a premium tier of Christmas products that did not fall within Aldi brand guidelines.

The Panetonnes sold out nationwide within 4 weeks of launch.

I artworked the design onto the supplied tin cutter guides, ensuring that the pattern was central and repeated cleanly. The gold colour was achieved by printing a tint of yellow over the tin’s metallic silver substrate, with a white behind the blue colour to make that solid. All colours and overprints were set in the artwork, which was supplied to the repro house as a sep-ready file.

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