Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus Website

Informational, ticket sales & members-only websites for the largest gay male choir outside London.

Client: Brighton Gay Men's Chorus | Speciality:

Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus is the largest gay male choir outside of London, with just under 100 members.

I am a Trustee of the Chorus with responsibility for its IT infrastructure I built and maintain the charity’s 3 main websites:

  • An information site about the organisation with WooCommerce products and WooCommerce Subscriptions for taking and administering one-off donations and sponsorship packages. The site also has a blog and a press release section with the ability for other Trustees to update and post.
  • A ticket sales site to sell tickets for the Chorus’ three main concerts each year.
  • A members-only site built with BuddyPress and a lot of custom coding, which also has WooCommerce Subscriptions functionality which is used to take the members’ monthly sub payments.

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