Redken Gift Packaging 2017

Artworking for a premium Christmas gift range.

Client: Redken for Two By Two | Speciality:

After the success of Two By Two’s 2016 gift packaging design, Redken again turned to Two By Two to create a collection of Christmas gift packaging with a premium ‘look and feel’ and a strong graphic theme. The overall effect is modern, urban and denotes a more sophisticated level of gifting.

As these packs had to work as a range which would be visible on the same display units, it was important to ensure consistency across the whole range.

Each pack employed two hits of black for a deep, solid background, with a spot colour or foil for the graphic and CMYK for the pack shots, with a final hit of spot UV to highlight the Redken logo and pack shots.

All artworks were produced in Indesign and Photoshop and presented to the repro company as “sep-ready” files.

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